Getting Acquainted/Self-Esteem
Our Five Senses
Season - Fall
Nursery Rhymes/Mother Goose
Winter Holidays/Cultural Traditions
Health, Safety, and Nutrition
National Reading Day
Season - Winter
Martin L. King, Jr. Day
Transportation/Community Helpers
Black History Month
Valentine’s Day/Presidents’ Day
Dr. Seuss’ Birthday
Zoo, Circus, Jungle, Pets and Farm Animals
St. Patrick’s Day
Planting and Growing
Season - Spring
Earth Day/Environmental Awareness
Children’s Literature
Mother’s Day
Memorial Day
Insects, Spiders and Reptiles, Father's Day, Summer Season, Creative Art
America the Beautiful, Children's Literature and Cooking Projects, Math and Science, The Wild West, Music Appreciation
Cultures Around the World and Olympics, Nursery Rhymes and Mother Goose, Under the Sea, Prehistoric World