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Patti's Preschool Newsletter, April 2024

Our theme this month is All About Nature.  Our lesson plans will focus on planting and growing, nature collages, leaf rubbings and nature scavenger hunts.  We will be working in the garden on our playground as well as doing planting projects in the classroom. The children will also be learning about spring weather and the life cycle of plants and animals.  Each classroom has butterfly larvae so the children will learn all about metamorphosis.  They will see the caterpillars transition into chrysalides and emerge as butterflies!


Book orders are due on Friday morning, April 12.  Go to and search the preschool with our zip code, 92648. We receive free books for our classrooms with your order!  

Celebrating birthdays this month are Lila, Jocelynn, Smith, Hayden, Indio, Lily. Ellis, and Junie. Our fantastic teachers, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Lauren, as well as our Administrative Director, Vesselin Iankov, are celebrating this month also! Our music teacher, Vanessa Ceballos has a birthday in April too. What a special month! We hope everyone has a memorable day!


Our Assistant Director, Sandy Garay, is celebrating her 6-year anniversary at Patti’s Preschool! She is dedicated to the success of the preschool and ensures everything runs smoothly. We are thankful for all that she does!


We are looking forward to celebrating Earth Day at school this month. We will be teaching our students about recycling, taking care of our planet, preventing ocean pollution, and more! Some of the classes will be making crafts with recycled materials and others will set up recycling centers in their classrooms. What are some ways you take care of the Earth? Your child might inspire you to join the next Coastal Cleanup event!



As we learn about all about planting and growing this month, we encourage you to visit our local farm in Irvine! They offer daily strawberry picking tours, educational exhibits, yoga classes with real life barn animals, and so much more! Be sure to try their organic, fresh produce. Tanaka is the perfect place to explore the wonders of nature! Visit their website to view their upcoming events!


We will wrap up parent/teacher conferences this month. Evaluations will be sent home prior to conference dates. Sign-up sheets will be posted in the classrooms so you can find a convenient time for a phone conference.


Thank you to the many parents who donated items for our St. Patrick’s Day party and our Easter parties at school. It was a festive month for all!


We are grateful to Chelsea Castro for donating a variety of educational toys. We also appreciate the block donation from Jennifer and Joe Eitel! Our teachers were so excited to add new items to their classrooms!

Enrollment for our Stepping Up to Kindergarten class is currently taking place! This is our transitional class that is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten. The children who graduate from this class stand out in our local public and private schools because of their strong academic skills along with their ability to express their feelings in socially appropriate ways. If interested, please contact Ms. Sandy who can schedule a convenient time for you to observe the program in action and meet the teacher, Ms. Jennifer. 


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