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Potty Training


We are happy to work with your child to achieve this important milestone when he or she is developmentally ready and interested in the process. To be eligible for enrollment, your child should be age 2 or over and comfortable wearing pull-ups. Potty training is only available for children enrolled in our youngest classroom (Room 1). We focus on positive reinforcement (e.g. praise, stickers and treasures).  It is our desire to work closely with the parents during this time and we will do our best to support your at-home initiatives. Children who have already started the process at home will be more successful at school.  Any clothes that your child wears or has in his or her cubby should be easy to get on and off.  Sweat pants or those with an elastic waist are the best.  Please make sure that there is sufficient underwear and extra clothes in your child’s cubby during this period.  Accidents happen – it is a part of the process.


Until your child is completely potty trained, you will need to supply commercially available disposable Velcro pull-ups along with diaper wipes   You will be notified when the supply is running low.  Parent will be charged $2.00 for each pull-up the preschool needs to use from our emergency supply if his or her child is out of diapers.


We consider a child to be completely potty trained when he or she:


  • is able to recognize that he or she needs to go to the bathroom

  • is able to control bladder and/or bowel movements until getting to the bathroom

  • does not need to wear pull-ups during the day

  • does not need a teacher to remind or assist in any part of the process

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