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Stepping Up to Kindergarten


Our Stepping Up to Kindergarten class at Patti's Preschool is offered for parents who are looking for a quality program which provides a challenging, innovative curriculum that is age and developmentally appropriate. Our school's goal is to build a strong foundation for success in elementary school. A thoughtfully planned curriculum encourages the children to develop the social, emotional and academic skills they need to succeed in kindergarten in Huntington Beach and throughout California

Stepping Up To Kindergarten

While we offer teacher-directed activities and group times, we also give the children an opportunity to experience learning centers.  These centers are designated areas within the classroom where children spend time working, learning, and exploring their environment.  The centers are set up to enhance our curriculum and can include the Reading Center, Writing Center, Dress-Up Corner, Art Center, Math Center, Science Center, and Messy Play Area among others. A minimum of 45 minutes of uninterrupted choice time is considered best practice. Children learn to explore and learn on their own and in a group. Student-initiated work should be balanced with teacher-directed learning experiences that are shorter in length and infused with integrated learning and movement. 

Girl Enjoying Playground Time at Patti's Preschool

Learning centers are also part of kindergarten and the opportunity to experience them in pre-kindergarten will help children transition easily to the next level. With play as an integral part of the curriculum, our high-quality program includes purposeful teaching to help children gain knowledge and skills. We use the CALIFORNIA PRESCHOOL LEARNING FOUNDATIONS AND CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK as a guideline to help our students attain the competencies through experiences that encourage active, playful exploration and experimentation.


Our program also incorporates monthly themes such as World Cultures, Transportation, and Community Helpers. Additional educational experiences are offered to our students throughout the year by the many guests who provide “on-site” field trips.

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