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Playing with friends at Patti's Preschool

Our Philosophy


Encouraging children to develop to their fullest potential in a high-quality, nurturing environment is the vision of Patti’s Preschool.  Accomplishing this goal is achieved by limiting the size of the group and providing sufficient numbers of dedicated teachers with a background in Early Childhood Education. At Patti's Preschool in Huntington Beach we believe that the development of your child's potential is based on a warm, loving environment and a genuine concern for the emerging personality. 


Children who can choose from a wide variety of experiences with guidance and encouragement from their teachers will thrive in this type of environment. Sensory and perceptual abilities, language development, critical thinking and problem solving are emphasized in our child care program. These important skills enable your child to develop into a well-rounded individual.

The preschool’s philosophy also encompasses the importance of helping children develop respect and compassion for others.   The school’s staff is dedicated to modeling courtesy, kindness, and empathy as well as encouraging important moral values.


Each day we promote and reinforce positive behavior, set appropriate boundaries, and provide opportunities to cooperate with peers and verbally solve interpersonal problems. By doing so, Patti’s Preschool in Huntington Beach believes children will develop essential social skills that will last a lifetime. 

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