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Patti's Preschool Newsletter, September 2016

Our theme this month is Getting Acquainted and Self Esteem. We will be talking about our families, our friends and our school. Sharing, cooperation, and expressing our feelings will also be emphasized this month. We will review school rules to give everyone a fresh start this month. September is a great month for making new friends!

Scholastic book order forms are attached to the newsletter. If you’d like to order books for your child, please fill out the order form and return it to school by Friday morning, September 16. Please make your check payable to Patti’s Preschool. One check is sufficient for multiple orders. We also accept cash or credit cards for book orders. You can also order online using our class code GW3RF! See Caroline or Amy for more information. We appreciate your book orders as we are able to add free books to our school library with each order!

Spanish class will resume on Thursdays and Fridays starting Thursday, September 25. Our Spanish teacher is Lietta Strecke. She is fluent in Spanish and has also completed the required Early Childhood Education classes. Our Spanish class is offered to our children ages 3 and up and it has been a wonderful addition to our program.

We’re having School Spirit Days this month (check our calendar). Your child may wear a preschool t-shirt that day. If you’d like to purchase a shirt, they are available at the front desk for $10.00 each.

It’s never too late to sign up for the fresh organic vegetable and fruit delivery from Tanaka Farms. Visit for more information!

Five of our teachers are celebrating their anniversaries this month! Congratulations and thank you to Caroline James (8 years), Monique Dominguez (25 years), Annie De’Nicola (27 years), Lietta Strecke (2), and Pam Taylor (24 years), and). Please remember to thank and congratulate our dedicated staff!

Images 4 Kids will be here to take school photos on September 19 and 20 in the morning. You will be able to purchase individual photos along with a classroom photo montage. We will let you know in advance which day your child will be photographed. Please take a look at their website.

Celebrating birthdays this month are Blake, Mason, Angelica, Ocean, Sophia, Kylie, Shiv, Madison, Dixie, and Remy. Seven staff members, Donna, Aisling, Kelly, Pam, Rowana, Lee Ann and Amy are also having birthdays in September. Happy birthday to all of our friends!

We are grateful for the puzzle donation from the Walsh family. The Harding’s brought in a barrel of pretzels for snack and Jen Spehar brought in fabric squares for special projects. Room 6 will enjoy the ipad donated by the Johnson family. The Greer family donated lots of fun play dough toys. Thank you, everyone!

Parents! If you’re looking for a good parenting book, be sure to pick up a copy of JUST TELL ME WHAT TO SAY by Betsy Brown Braun. If you’ve ever had the words “because I said so!” come out of your mouth, this is the book for you! And please be sure to read the attached article. The author, Rae Pica, believes that parents and educators would be wise to remember that, "Childhood is not a dress rehearsal for adulthood, nor is it a race. It is a separate, unique, and very special phase of life." Our play-based curriculum is designed to help our students reach important milestones rather than forcing academic skills on children before they are ready.

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