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Patti's Preschool Newsletter, August 2021

We’re starting off the month with Western Week. We’re looking forward to our Wild West Day on Thursday, August 5, with activities on the playground along with pony rides. We’ll be learning all about dinosaurs the following week. During the week of August 16 our theme is Under the Sea. Our staff will provide engaging activities about the ocean and sea life. We’re looking forward to pirate adventures during the third week of August. We’ll end the month with lots of fun outdoor activities like water play, bubbles on the playground, and a toy car wash!

We can’t wait for Hawaiian Day on Wednesday, August 18. We’ll be filled with the Aloha spirit when the Kona Shaved Ice truck appears in front of our school. Be sure to send your child in tropical clothing that day!

We are happy to announce Ms. Tanya’s return from her maternity leave on August 2nd. We know it won’t be easy to separate from her sweet little Luna, but her modified work hours may help!

The last day of our summer session is Thursday, September 2. We will be closed on Friday, September 3 for Teacher Prep Day in order to get ready for our fall session which begins on Tuesday, September 7. Your child may be moving to a new class that day. (We will be closed on Monday, September 6, for Labor Day.) Class assignments will be posted in front of the school on Monday, August 30.

Ms. Amber will be celebrating her first year work anniversary on August 17. Ms. Amber (along with Ms. Sandy) has made our Stepping Up class outshine other TK classes by bringing in new ideas and providing an enriching curriculum. Her calm, encouraging manner makes her students strive to do their best. We love you, Ms. Amber!

We want to thank Megan and Adam Huss for their generous donation of games and books, something we can always put to good use. We are grateful for the children’s book donation from Carrie and Nicholas Lines. We always like to add to our school library. The Lines also gave us a wonderful butterfly habitat. We were very happy to receive the scratch paper and stickers from Stacy and Joe Wilton. We go through a lot of scratch paper so it was much appreciated. Our thoughtful parents are invaluable!


If you enjoy listening to podcasts, I hope you’ll check out “Good Inside with Dr. Becky.” Dr. Becky Kennedy is a clinical psychologist with three children. She offers sage parenting advice that will help you develop a stronger parent-child relationship. Recent topics include “How do I handle being rejected by my child?” and “How do I deal with sibling competition?” You can also find Dr. Becky on Instagram @drbeckyatgoodinside. I also follow Dr. Kelly Fradin, a pediatrician and mom, who gives medical and parenting advice. Find her on IG @adviceIgivemyfriends. It’s always reassuring to know there is someone out there to help you through a parenting dilemma!


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