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Patti's Preschool Newsletter, July 2020

We’re starting off the month of July celebrating America The Beautiful during the week of June 29 with lots of exciting activities Please have your child wear patriotic clothing to school on July 1 and 2 for our 4th of July parades on the playground. Starting July 6, our theme is Sensory/Cooking/Storytelling week with lots of cooking activities based on children’s books. The following week, our theme is STEM and our staff will introduce hands-on math and science projects. All About Nature week will include outdoor activities such as pretend camping and eye-spy nature walks. Beginning July 27, we are looking forward to making musical instruments and painting to classical music. Music week will be a great way to end the month of July!

Parents, please let us know if you are planning a vacation this summer and leave the dates at the front desk. Our program runs more efficiently if we have an accurate head count each day!

Celebrating birthdays this month are Kayden, Brandon, Laura, and Julianne! We hope everyone has fun celebrating!

Ms. Lauren is celebrating her 2-year anniversary at Patti’s Preschool this month! Ms. Lauren is dedicated to providing a nurturing, supportive environment to help her students learn and thrive. We appreciate our wonderful teachers!

We will be closed on Friday, July 3rd.We hope you have a happy and safe holiday!

We would like to welcome our new students and families. We look forward to getting to know you! We always strive to make this an easy transition for you and your family. Please feel free to pick up a free copy of our brochure, “So Many Goodbyes.” It offers useful suggestions to help make the transition from home to preschool easier on children and parents.

Fall registration sign-up forms will go home Monday, July 6th and must be returned no later than Friday, July 10th, to reserve a space for your child! We cannot guarantee a spot if the signed sheet is not returned by that date.

Our teachers will be taking their annual vacations over the summer months. Someone from our regular staff or one of our qualified substitutes will cover for them while they are gone. Your child’s teacher will notify you and your child in advance.


Group discussions during staff meetings help us focus on appropriate ways to support young children’s emotional and social development. An effective teacher:

  • Invests time and energy in building relationships

  • Responds promptly to children’s distress

  • Treats each child individually; gives each child what she needs to build a strong relationship with her teacher and peers

  • Understands that warm, reciprocal, and caring interactions are required for relationships to grow and deepen

  • Is willing to share control with children in emotionally and developmentally appropriate ways. Doesn’t have to always direct children or be in charge of what they do

  • Focuses on children’s strengths and feelings in interactions with them

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